Independent audit of State Accounts

State Accounts are audited and improvements in the financial management of the state promoted


Diverse knowledge and skills

The Icelandic National Audit Office has about 50 employees with diverse education, experience and competence.


Results are published

The result of audit observations are published in reports to Parliament and other parties concerned.

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New Auditor General of Iceland

| 2018 | No Comments
The Icelandic National Audit office is pleased to announce that Mr. Skuli Eggert Thordarson has formally assumed office as the Auditor General of Iceland, as of May 1st, 2018. Mr.…

Icelandic National Audit Office Annual Report 2016

| 2017 | No Comments
The Icelandic National Audit Office has published its Annual Report for 2016. In his foreword, the Auditor General, Mr. Sveinn Arason, stated that there was a cause to rejoice over…

Results of the financial auditing of the 2015 Central Government Accounts

| 2016 | No Comments
One of the main tasks of the Icelandic National Audit Office (INAO), according to law, is to audit the Central Government Accounts and the accounts of entities that are responsible…

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The four latest publications in English from Ríkisendurskoðun


INAO Annual Report 2016 - (1 MB)