The National Audit Office’s Human Resources Policy is shaped by the principle that a well-educated, interested and satisfied workforce is the key to success. The policy’s main goals are, therefore, to provide excellent working conditions for our staff, enhance their capabilities and foster morale and team spirit in the workplace. In so doing, the Office is best positioned fulfil its role. The chief components of the Office’s Human Resources Policy are as follows:

  1. The Office aims to be a sought-after employer whose staff is satisfied and is afforded first-rate conditions to carry out its work. The Office is also committed to enhancing its staff’s social life and enabling them to balance their work and private lives.
  2. The Office endeavours to provide new employees with a good reception and orientation, and assists them in assimilating quickly with existing staff. New recruits also receive instruction and are briefed about the Office’s projects as well as their rights and obligations in the workplace.
  3. The Office emphasises building a good team spirit in the workplace. Important aspects of inter-employee relations include equality, mutual friendliness, tolerance and trust as well as positive and effective internal communications.
  4. The Office expects its employees to perform their duties with professionalism, diligence and integrity. At the same time, the Office strives to meet its staff’s expectations for job security, fairness, trust and consideration, as well as professional development.
  5. The Office strongly encourages its employees to maintain and develop their knowledge, among other things by taking active part in the Office’s retraining and continuous-learning programmes.
  6. The Office finds it important for its staff to regularly take on new tasks, for example through transferring between posts. This enables our employees to expand their skills and prevents repetitious work.
  7. Directors interview each employee once per year to discuss the latter’s achievements and performance. The interviews also provide an opportunity for employees to express their views and wishes.