The INAO has three main audit divisions, the Financial Audit Division, the Performance Audit division and Revenue Control.

The role of the Auditor General is specified in Art. 3 of the Act on the Auditor General.  It is to oversee the finances of the State, its institutions and State enterprises under a mandate from the Althing. In his work the Auditor General shall monitor the revenues of the State and observe whether appropriations and assets are used and allocated in an efficient and proper manner in accordance with the conditions and decisions of the Althingi.

Chapter II. of the Act lists the functions of the Auditor General. Financial audit is explained in Art. 5 and Performance Audit in Art. 6.

In addition, support services are provided for the main audit divisions in areas such as IT and development, Legal affairs and Human Resource. The Auditor General’s Secretariat is responsible for a range of tasks, including monitoring the execution of the state budget, publishing and public relations, international relations, as well as providing assistance to the Auditor General.

  • Auditor General is Mr. Skúli Eggert Þórðarson.
  • Director of the Auditor General’s Secretariat is  Mr. Jón Loftur Björnsson.
  • Director of the Financial Auditing Division is Mr Ingi K. Magnússon.
  • Director of the Performance Auditing Division is Ms. Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdóttir.
  • Director of Revenue Control is Ms. Jarþrúður Hanna Jóhannsdóttir.
  • Director of IT and Development is Mr. Jóhannes Jónsson.
  • Director of Legal Affairs and Deputy Auditor General is Ms. Guðrún Jenný Jónsdóttir
  • Human Resource Manager is Ms. Birgitta Arngrimsdóttir.