Skúli Eggert Þórðason was elected Auditor General of Iceland in 2018 for a term of six years.

Auditor General of Iceland

Mr. Skúli Eggert Þórðarson

Mr. Skúli Eggert Þórðarson, Auditor General of Iceland, formally assumed office on May 1st 2018. He was unanimously elected by Althingi, Iceland’s Parliament, on April 16th 2018 for a term of six years.

Mr. Thordarson has an extensive experience from the Icelandic tax authorities, a field where he worked for 37 years, prior to assuming his office. For the past eleven years, Mr. Thordarson was the Director General of the Tax Administration. Prior to that he was the Deputy Director of the Tax administration for three years before taking on the role as Director of Tax investigations for fourteen years. Mr. Thordarson holds a law degree (cand. juris) from the University of Iceland.