The Icelandic Meteorological Office – Performance Audit

This report assesses the management, policy formulation, finances and planning of the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO). The audit is based on, among other things, various data regarding the IMO’s operations, interviews with its management staff and representatives of the ministry under which it belongs and a staff attitude survey.
In the opinion of the Icelandic National Audit Office, the main assets of the IMO are its positive image and the fact that it has, as a rule, operated in accordance with budgetary appropriations. However, the IMO needs to strengthen its central management and improve its solidarity. Clearer provisions regarding its role need to be stipulated in law, its organisation chart needs to be reviewed, clearer job descriptions need to be prepared and realistic performance-related goals need to be set. In this context, the IMO needs to place increased emphasis on performance measurements and active quality control in its operations. Also, it needs to take various steps to improve general weather services, both technically and professionally, meet the public’s requirements for increased services, and increase basic meteorological research and development. Also, it needs to seek ways in which to co-ordinate weather services provided by public bodies. Finally, the Icelandic National Audit Office points out the necessity of adopting a clear position regarding the extent to which services provided by the IMO should be defined as competitive services and priced accordingly.